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The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo by Holy Ghost Writer @SultanofSalem #Excerpt #Action

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo: Newly Discovered Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Holy Ghost Writer
The next morning, Raymee awakens to her husband’s pain-filled groans.
“OHHHH! What has happened to me?!” he yells as he pulls the bedsheets off of his body. Every movement is agony to him. Staring down, he sees where he is bandaged, blood oozing through the gauze. His heart begins to race, and his eyes are wild with fear.
“My dear husband,” Raymee purrs. “What is wrong?”
He lifts the bandage, almost swooning with the pain, and says in a weak voice, “I have been castrated! Who would do this to me?” He is in shock, the pain and the confusion numbing his emotions.
“Perhaps it was Dr. Omar, taking revenge on you. I had too much wine and fell asleep so quickly after we made love,” Raymee offers, playing dumb. She blushes at that, trying to appear maidenly. “I feel though, with a woman’s intuition, our night of love has left me with a baby. Of that we can be thankful. There will indeed be an heir to the throne of Mecca!”
Her husband, now a fallen man, has no reason to doubt his virginal bride. She confines him to the harem with her cousin, and while the Caliph makes very few public appearances, he spends much time plotting his revenge against Dr. Omar. The people are at first confused over his sudden seclusion, but after a few weeks, the truth is spread over the oasis. Most feel that Raymee has something to do with it because of her past performances, yet no one dares confront her, as they suspect her to be capable of any amount of violence.
Holy Ghost Writer
The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a continuation of The Count of Monte Cristo (Book I), related through the voice of Sherlock Holmes and The Sultan of Monte Cristo (Book II). It includes exhilarating new adventures, characters, and ideas, carrying the reader past book I and II and into book III of an ever-expanding new series based on the classic.
Those who have already had the pleasure of reading The Sultan of Monte Cristo will certainly appreciate the unique way in which the Holy Ghost Writer has expanded the original story without the help of anyone (except perhaps from the ghosts of Dumas and Doyle).
In addition to comprising a 3rd sequel to The Count of Monte Cristo, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo serves as a prequel to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
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Genre – Action, Adventure
Rating – PG-15
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