Thursday, April 10, 2014

Malpractice! The Novel by William Louis Harvey @sexandlawnovel #Drama #AmReading #TBR

At precisely ten o’clock, a door opened behind and to the left of the judge’s dais, and the bailiff appeared. “All rise. Court is in session, the Honorable Monica Davies presiding.”

Everyone stood as Monica Davies walked confidently into court, mounted the few steps, and sat in the judge’s chair. “Please be seated. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.” A murmur arose, “Good morning, Judge.”

As she looked out at the courtroom, her eyes found Butler’s. Only someone who knew them and was watching carefully would have noted the transient flash of recognition that passed between them. Butler looked her over as her eyes swept the courtroom—her courtroom.

When she had walked in, he had noted that her shoes were low-heeled and Italian, which (after two wives and countless one-nighters) he knew were expensive. Above those, her ankles and legs were attractive and nicely proportioned, clad in sheer stockings, but the black judicial robe hid the rest. However, he could remember the contours of the thighs and where they joined, as well as the flat belly and the beautiful breasts, which tented the upper front of the robe. He knew—or, more correctly, had known—that body intimately. (p. 16) Malpractice! the Novel

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Genre – Steamy Courtroom Drama
Rating – R
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