Saturday, October 11, 2014

Into the Mind of #Author @MarcADiGiacomo & His Small Town Series #Thriller #AmReading

Beware! Enter at your own risk. Just kidding, really, come on, authors are just like everyone else, right? Maybe. Since I published my second book, people still look at me the same although, I am much more recognizable to my hometown crowd. I constantly get asked, “Is that part true?”

There is a concern as to how people view me since my books are so graphic in nature. There is a lot of violence, as police work can occasionally be. Mostly, I feel for my wife, especially when she gets asked about the sex scenes within the books. People assume that is part of your real life when in reality, these situations are complete fiction. An author can fantasize about anything and incorporate those thoughts into a working manuscript. It happens to me all the time. I’ll meet someone or hear something and boom, it’s in the book. Of course, I change it all up to protect identities but most people would kill to be portrayed within the pages of a novel. It’s a cool thing, like being an extra in a movie.

I don’t know exactly how I come up with the stuff I do, I guess I’m lucky in one way, I have good material. I just hope, the well doesn’t dry up anytime soon. Because if it does, I’ll have to take this job on the road.


The small town of Hutchville, New York is turned upside down. No longer is it the quaint, sleepy, suburb of New York City. Detective Matt Longo is back on the job and embroiled in his latest nightmare. Further complicating matters is the revelation of his partner’s corruption and organized crime ties; Donny Mello has left a bitter trail of lies and deceit. With his kid brother and newly promoted Detective Franny Longo by his side, will Matt be able to put his past behind him?

Special Agent Cynthia Shyler, (F.B.I.) has been reassigned due to her meeting with Matt Longo. Will this move complicate their relationship? Or will a new stranger in town spin a web that entangles the entire Hutchville Police Department, especially our most seasoned detective, Matt Longo?
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