Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Host Chronicles: The Devil’s Offspring (Vol. 1) by D L Cox #Fantasy #BookClub #Fiction

Simon sat alone in his living room wallowing in a sea of despair of his own. A piece of who he was had been torn from his very being. He was the devil’s chosen seed on earth. He was destined to unleash the devil’s wrath on earth. He was destined to confront the Host and slay the Host in the name of his father’s will. But now that had changed, and he was nothing more than a decoy. His father had passed him over. He no longer had an identity. His entire existence was recast with the simple discovery that his destiny belonged to someone else. Everything seemed to fall apart around him. His purpose had been destroyed. And then in an instance, he was reborn with a new purpose. He would no longer seek to carry out his father’s will on earth. He would now establish his own will—a will dedicated and determined to thwart his father’s plans for his so-called anointed seed. He would now be estranged from his father, but he would reinitiate a treasured relationship with his sister. He was sure that he and Saleena were a force to be reckoned with. She was still a demon scorned, but her scorn would now be directed at their father and his secret seed.
After a moment of pure anger and disappointment, Simon chuckled at the reality of the new situation. His father had tricked him and hung him out to dry. He replayed how well his father had played him over the last few centuries and nodded in admiration at his father’s craftiness. “Good play father,” he said as if he knew the devil was listening. “But chosen seed or not. I am still your son. And I have no intention of fading away quietly into the night.
In this Urban Fantasy, the devil’s daughter, SALEENA, and her reaper boyfriend, IZZY, elope to earth and seek to overthrow her estranged brother, SIMON CLASH, as the devil’s heir apparent on earth, but Simon is head of a powerful conglomerate, and he’s not going out without a fight. As the rivalry turns bloody, the warring siblings discover the devil has been manipulating their feud to advance his secret agenda and is using them as decoys to draw out a sword-wielding champion of humanity called the HOST, whom must be slain before the devil can unleash a reign of terror on earth.
Legend says the Host will emerge when humanity plunges into hopelessness and despair, and NATHANIEL BRENNER, the young man responsible for delivering a magic sword to the Host, hopes that is soon. Nathaniel has spent the last six years searching for the Host to no avail and has recently seen a drastic rise in demon activity on earth, which he knows could only mean one thing: humanity is running out of time. Saleena and Simon unite to save their own hides, but it may be too late—not only for the devil’s offspring, but for humanity too! The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and Nathaniel is determined to thwart the devil’s plans and find the Host.
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Genre - Urban Fantasy
Rating - PG-13
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