Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ian Truman – 10 Tip to Become a Better Writer @iantruman

10 Tip to Become a Better Writer

These guys had it figured out before I did (it applies any form of art)

1-                       So You Want to be A Writer – Charles Bukowski (Poem)

2-                       The Canadian Authors Meet – F.R. Scott  ( Poem – I really, really dig this one)

3-                       Jake Bannon Interview (video)

4-                       Ian Mackaye Interview (Video)

5-                       Harmony Korine Interview (from Beautiful Losers)

6-                       Larry Clark Interview (Vice Magazine)

7-                       At the Quinte Hotel – Al Purdy (Someone actually did a video out of one of his poems)

8-                       Read this: The False Principles of Our Education

9-                       Tim Barry Interview (video)

10-                   I guess I can add my own tip: 800 words a day. That’s a minimum. 800 words!

A Teenage Suicide

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