Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dangerously Hers by A.M. Griffin @AMGriffinbooks #LovingDangerously

Dangerously Hers
Short Excerpt
A.M. Griffin
Rasha raised it out of her grasp. “You should never try to take a warrior’s weapon.”
She pulled her hand back in record speed. “I wasn’t trying to take it. I wanted to feel it.”
He lowered his weapon in front of her.
She flicked her hand out nonchalantly. “Never mind. You’re acting like it’s been kissed by Jesus or something.”
“Forget about it. It’s precious, I get it.”
“There’s no reason to get upset. If you no longer want to touch this weapon, I have another…weapon…you can touch.”
She shifted on her feet, feeling the bumbling idiot trying to rise to the surface. “No, thank you.” Yes, please.
He ran his hands down his muscular thighs. “Another time then?”
Jess had the fleeting thought of him running his hands on her. Oh jeez, how good would those hands feel on me.
“I shall leave you alone. I’m sure you have plenty of work to do.”
“Alone? again?” As she spoke, she immediately wanted to take the words back.
He cocked his head. “I could stay if you wish. Eva said you would need ‘space’ in the beginning.”
She snorted. The sound wasn’t pretty at all. She might as well have oinked like a pig while she was at it. “I don’t wish you to stay.”
“Really? Are you sure? We could do something about that.”
Was his voice always this deep?
She picked at her hair nervously. “About what?”
He inhaled sharply. “I can smell you.” Then he let his gaze drop to crotch.
Dangerously Hers
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Rating – R
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