Thursday, December 19, 2013

#AmReading - Dirty Deals by D.D. Marks @ruzkin

Dirty Deals by D.D. Marks


Olesia Anderson - sharpshooter, quick-talker, and corporate spy-for-hire - has been given a second chance by her shadowy employers, the Blackrock Association. A Lockheed engineer has stolen the schematics for a new missile defence system, and Lockheed wants that data back... along with whoever he was planning to sell to.
It's supposed to be an easy job - get in, shake down the engineer, get out. But with a gorgeous foreign agent and a gang of uzi-toting teenage thugs thrown into the mix, Olesia will have a hard enough time keeping her head on her shoulders, let alone keeping her pants up around her waist. Dirty deals are going down in Bethesda, and when the bullets start flying, you'd better be the one holding the gun...
Dirty Deals is a 24,000 word erotic spy thriller packed with gunfights, intrigue and illicit liaisons. It is the first title in the Olesia Anderson series. ADULT CONTENT WARNING - Dirty Deals contains explicit sex scenes, and is not suitable for under 18s.


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