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Bette Lee Crosby – 10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Dog @betteleecrosby

10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Dog

by Bette Lee Crosby

No, I’m not talking about a dog of a story, I’m talking about the yapping, tail wagging, love you forever kind of friend that writers should not be without. However, in deference to all my kitty-loving friends I must admit that some cats have been able to capture the same wonderful traits found in dogs.

Sugar is my baby…well, she’s actually a Bichon Frise, but as far as I’m concerned she’s my baby. She loves me unconditionally, pines for me when I go out and jumps for joy when I return. Okay hubby loves me, but doesn’t miss me if I’m gone for hours, nor does he jump for joy when I return.

Sugar is thrilled with a piece of bologna…, hubby, not so thrilled.

Sugar is content to sit beside me while I work…hubby prefers to watch ballgame.

Sugar has very big shoes to fill. She is replacing Katie, the Bichon who sat in my lap while I wrote the bestseller Spare Change. We lost Katie to cancer last October and for months on end I was heartsick.

In January we found Sugar. She was just a little over two pounds, but full of love and energy. She’s trying very hard to fill the emptiness left by Katie. It’s no easy task, especially for a pup that loves to chew and isn’t quite housebroken.

Sugar isn’t Katie, but she’s already won a forever spot in my heart. It seems that God in His wisdom gives dogs something that people sometimes lack…the ability to make you smile even though your heart is breaking.

Now, here are the Ten Reasons Every Writer Needs a Dog

1) A dog needs to pee, so you are forced to take periodic breaks from the computer.

2) A dog happily listens to that revised manuscript as many times as you want to read it.

3) On a cold afternoon a dog in your lap keeps you warmer than a space heater.

4) A dog does not expect you to actually cook dinner…a slice of bologna or take out is fine.

5) You’re always #1 on your dog’s best person list.

6) A dog doesn’t punch a time clock, they’ll keep you company for as long as you work.

7) A dog will join you in a lazy day nap, or stay in bed beside you if you’re sick.

8) A dog will prevent you from getting fat (they get half of every cookie!)

9) A dog eliminates the need for a doorbell.

10) A dog will teach you what unconditional love actually is.

But a word of warning…once you fall in love with a dog it is a forever thing! I know. Trust me, I know!


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