Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medium Rare: (Intermix) (Ramos Family) by Meg Benjamin


She ate her supper standing up. The bentwood chairs at the kitchen table looked like they’d collapse under anyone weighing more than an average-size toy poodle. Rose resolved to start rearranging tomorrow when she got home from work. Her own furniture was piled in the dining room, waiting for her decision on how much of her grandmother’s stuff she wanted to keep. At the moment, it didn’t seem like she’d be keeping much.

She glanced up at the glass-doored kitchen shelves. The dishes and crystal all looked antique. Not exactly to her taste, but she’d probably hold onto it. No matter what her mother said, they might be family heirlooms. Sooner or later, someone might want them—maybe her brothers. Her brother Ray had moved to Boerne to open his carpentry and renovation business. Her brother Danny lived in a fixer-upper in the Monte Vista neighborhood. Up until now, they’d been more settled than she was.

She gathered up her plate and glass, carrying them to the sink. Outside the darkened kitchen window, she could see the streetlights glowing beside the river’s edge. Some people still strolled the trail, along with the occasional biker, festooned in reflective tape. She considered taking a walk herself to check out the river path. She was a homeowner—in King William. With river access. The corners of her mouth edged up in a secret smile. Okay, Rosie, let’s admit it—life is good.

Somewhere within the house she heard a creak, like a tentative footstep somewhere above her, and ice water dripped down her spine. She took a deep breath and told herself to cool it. Just settling. Old houses make noises.

Still. She walked back up the hall, then through the dining and living rooms, clicking on lamps here and there. The lamps didn’t seem to make much difference in the living room, of course—it still looked like a fortune-teller’s den. Those velvet drapes were going to be the first thing she took down.

She double-checked the very solid lock on the front door, then thought again about a walk. Just a quick one—down the river to the Johnson Street footbridge. But her shoulders gave a quick twinge to remind her how many boxes she’d hefted today, even though she’d had help from both Danny and Ray, along with Ma and Dad. All of a sudden, a glass of wine and a good book had a lot of appeal. Drunk in her own bedroom in her own house in the King William District. The secret smile slipped back into place.

Oh yes, life is definitely good!


Medium Rare

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Genre – Paranormal

Rating – R

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