Friday, September 6, 2013

Trancender: First-Timer by Vicky Savage


It’s prom night, but I’m not going. Not because I didn’t get asked, but because tomorrow I’m moving across town—to the wrong side of the tracks. New home, new school, new life. So while my best friend, Olivia Wallace, is preparing to lose her virginity (for the second time), I’m stuck here packing up the kitchen. It sucks. In fact, if zombies really existed they’d make excellent movers because when it comes to packing up boxes, the fewer living brain cells you have the better. I’ve been at it for hours, and I can actually feel the gray matter shriveling up inside my head.

I reach for my phone. No messages. Everyone’s out partying except me.

I dial 4-1-1.

“How can I help you?” the information lady asks.

“Hi. I was just wondering. Who do I talk to about exchanging my life for a new one? See, there’s been this huge mistake. I did not order the giant super-deluxe shit sandwich.”

She kind of snorts. “Girl, would I be working this crap job on a Saturday night if I knew the answer to that one?”

Good point. She clicks off.

I pitch the phone on the counter and open another drawer. Dish cloths, dish towels. I toss them in a box. Six packages of white paper doilies. I wish someone would explain the purpose of paper doilies to me. I consider calling information again… nah, two prank calls in one night is a little much even for me.

“Hey, who’re you talking to?” My brother Drew shambles into the kitchen in his rented tuxedo looking ready to break someone’s heart.

“Just my travel agent.”

“Yeah? Where you going?”

“I’m thinking anywhere but here would be good.” I stuff the doilies into the garbage can and open the next drawer.

Drew laughs. “What’s with the attitude? Not looking forward to adventures in condo living?”

“Oh, it’s not that. I can’t wait to figure out how to cram all my stuff into that cute jail-cell-sized room. The new school’s got me worried, though. I don’t have the handgun skills or the requisite number of tats to get into any of the honors clubs.”

He cups a hand under my chin looking at me seriously. For a second I think he’s got something on his mind. But one side of his mouth quirks up and he says, “Just crank up the eyeliner and get some black lipstick. I’m sure the Emos will think you have enough street cred. You got that vacant look they all aspire to.”

I slap his hand away and he heads for the back door.

“Whoa, dude,” I say. “Where do you think you’re going? You’re not getting out of here without a couple of pics of you in that monkey suit.” I grab my camera from the table and pop off the lens cap.

Transcender First-Timer

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