Monday, September 23, 2013

Guardians Inc.: The Cypher - Julian Rosado-Machain

A faint crackling sound came from the wastebasket. The newspaper he had crumpled into a ball unfolded a little bit.

He grabbed the newspaper page and found the ad. Somehow it seemed different than the one he’d read this morning. More urgent.


Odd phone number.

Thomas dialed; it couldn’t hurt. It only rang once before a girl with a sweet voice answered. “Guardians Incorporated. How can I help you?”

“Hello, I read your ad in the newspaper.”

“Which one?”

“The Assistant Librarian.”

“You have a nice voice.” The girl on the other side seemed to be really interested in him, even flirting through the phone.

“Thank you, uhm, you too.”

A long pause.

“Do you want to apply?”

“It’s still available?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Can I set up an interview for tomorrow?”

A longer pause. “I shouldn’t say this but if you really want the job you should come in today. There’re a couple of people already scheduled tomorrow.”

“Well, uh, sure, where’s your office?”

“I can give you directions. Where are you?”

“At home,” Thomas blurted and the girl giggled.

“I mean what street?”

“Mulberry Tree Lane. On Carlsbad.”

“That’s great, you’re just two blocks away.”

“You’re on Sycamore?”

“Well, two and a half. Just drive left from your house and two and a half blocks away and you’ll see two brick columns and the private road on your left. The street name is Pervagus Road. Just follow it until you reach the mansion. Got it?”


“Great, what’s your name so I can put you on the list.”

“My name is Morgan Byrne,” he lied. “I’m seventy two years old,” he added.

He expected another pause but the girl answered immediately, “You don’t sound seventy two.”

He heard Grandpa’s car pulling up the driveway. “But I am,” he said. “Does it matter?”

“For the job? No. You can be ninety eight or say… fifteen and you’ll still get it.”

Grandpa opened the front door. “I’m home,” he yelled.

“At what time should I come in for the interview?”

“It’s five and a quarter, let’s say in fifteen minutes?” the girl said.

“Great, thank you very much.” Thomas hung up the phone just as his grandfather entered the kitchen.

“I brought some hummus,” Grandpa said as he lifted a bag from the supermarket. “And popcorn.”

“That’s great Gramps, but we’ve got to go.” Thomas grabbed the grocery bag and placed the hummus in the fridge.

“Go? Where to?”

“Your interview,” Thomas said pushing his grandfather out the door.

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