Thursday, September 5, 2013

Excerpt: Secret Words (Secret Dreams Book 1) by Miranda P. Charles


Kane clapped and whooped with the rest of the guests as the bridal party was introduced pair by pair by the smooth-talking, funny MC at Rob and Jessa's wedding reception.  When Jasmine and her partner entered the room, his heart skipped a beat.  Again.  It seemed to have developed a habit of doing that whenever his gaze landed on Jasmine.

She looked absolutely stunning in her iris-coloured bridesmaid's dress.  He couldn't tell if her ankle still bothered her but judging from the happy grin on her face, she wasn't in much pain.  She smiled at people on her way to the bridal party table but she appeared to be scanning the room.

Until she found him and their gazes locked for a few breathless seconds.  Her smile widened and her eyes lit up.

He inhaled deeply as warmth flooded him.  He really should stop pretending to himself there wasn't anything major going on between him and Jasmine.  It was plain to see.  She was interested in him and he was interested in her.  They'd been exchanging glances since earlier that day - before, during and after the wedding ceremony.

And he had to admit that since he first met her at the picnic seven days ago, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her.  A few times during the past week, he was tempted to contact her - just to see if her ankle was healing nicely.  He had gone as far as asking Faye if she knew how Jasmine was doing and Faye assured him she was fine.  Then his dear, perceptive sister followed it up with her own question: "How's Hannah?"

That was enough to stop him in his tracks.  Things with Hannah weren't sorted yet.  Far from it.  And it was frustrating the hell out of him.

It didn't stop him from daydreaming about Jasmine, though.

Yes, him.  Kane Summers.  Thirty-four years old.  Daydreaming about a woman.  Seriously.

Secret Words

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