Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Excerpt: Broken Legacy (Secret Lives Series) by Colleen Connally

“All have a different course in life to follow,” Eloise said flatly. She found the retort difficult to utter, feeling as though the words actually burned in her lungs. Pressing her lips together, her mind raced. “And I allowed Julia to launch me into Society. I only refused to stay for the whole of the season.”

"You stayed but a week, my dear."

Suddenly a movement from the far end of the ballroom caught her eyes. Her eyebrows rose slightly. “I do believe that Her Grace is motioning for me. It seems little Lucie has escaped the nursery, if my eyes do not deceive me. I told…”

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Cousin Beatrice said, overriding Eloise. “I will see to your youngest sister and find her governess. What I would ever do if any of you ever minded! If you go, you won’t return. Susanna wants you here. Thank heaven for at least one of your father’s offspring to have the sense of mind to listen. Now, promise me, my dear, you won’t disappear…”

“I will see to her welfare, Lady Marichone.”

Eloise opened her mouth to politely decline the offer from the gentleman’s voice behind her and then realized when she turned that the gentleman stood by her brother. The stranger towered over Edmund and commanded immediate attention with his bearing. Dressed with impeccable elegance with his striped nut-brown coat and breeches, his waistcoat was of silver tissue and embroidered to coordinate with his coat.

His face was ruggedly handsome with a semblance of a scar directly over his right eye. His sculpted cheekbones and strong jaw left little doubt of his masculinity. Her eyes soaked in the sight of his broad shoulders and chest, and followed the view down to his slim waist and hips. He wore no wig, but tied his light brown hair at his neck. His piercing blue eyes looked at her and she looked right back.

“Lord Lenister.” Cousin Beatrice gave a slight bob. Her age and knees allowed no more. “It is good to see you again. And you, also, Edmund.”

“Cousin Beatrice, allow us to oversee Eloise for the moment,” Edmund intervened and stepped forward, evident in his manner he found all amusing. Eloise raised her chin in defiance. “Good evening, Eloise. Julia sent me to find you. May I present to you his lordship, Lord Gerard, Earl of Lenister.”

“Lord Lenister,” Eloise said, sinking into a deep curtsy before the Earl of Lenister. She curtsied again in front of her brother.

“Lady Eloise,” Lenister said simply. “A lovely night for the festivities. I hope you have enjoyed them.”

Broken Legacy

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