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Author Interview – James Fricton

Why did you write this book?

I started writing The Last Scroll as a self help book to prevent chronic pain and encourage people to understand how their seven realms of their lives contributes to health, wellness and a good life.  As I got into writing the book, I realized the non-fiction self-help genre may not engage readers sufficiently.  So, I turned it into a romantic thriller– with competing lovers, an insane killer on the loose, a doctor protagonist who you feel compassion for, Italian setting with food, culture, and fashion blended in (my wife is from Italy), and more. So, The Last Scroll is a  novel in search of the good life.

Who inspired you to write this book?

Many things inspire me to write. My patients are a chief source of insight into each of the seven Realms. My family is wonderful also. I do a lot of thinking as I exercise and meditate. Sometimes, I have no clue where some idea or thought comes from. It just pops in my mind.

It has been a blessing to help many patients who live with chronic pain. Every week, I meet people who find the strength to see beyond the pain, the fear and the suffering to lead a good life filled with Blessings of wisdom, health, happiness, prosperity, beauty, peace, and love. This book is their treasure of knowledge that I share with you.

It is a self book: What insight does it provide?

As a self-help book, the statement on the cover of the book summarizes the book—It’s about your energy. What if we can measure our energy, the human spirit, in the seven realms of our lives? The book follows this premise and reveals how to maintain positive energy in each realm and achieve the good life we seek. The Last Scroll is about learning how to achieve the blessings of life in each realm including love, health, wisdom, happiness, prosperity, beauty, and peace that are available to all of us. It’s about understanding our virtues and vices and how they reflect the energy we have in each Realm. It’s about knowing that we exert a positive and negative influence on the people and world around us, whether we want to or not.  And, it’s about how to balance our lives in each Realm and deal with the challenges of life that deplete our energy.

The seven Realms talk about the activities that can boost your energy in each Realm. Tell us about those.

The Seven Realms are each facet of your life including the mind, body, spirit, emotions, way of life, and the people and nature around us. Each of these Realms emanates a different frequency and can be measured as distinct energy fields. You can learn to enhance your energy in each area with daily activities. The Last Scroll describe how to boost the energy in each Realm. Interestingly, this knowledge is consistent with and supported by much of scientific evidence. In the Realm of the Body, physical energy is boosted by being active, walking, running, stretching, and using the body well each day. In the Realm of Emotion, emotional energy is enhanced by being creative, bringing smiles and laughter, music and art, sport and games to your life each day. In the Realm of the Spiritual, energy is enhanced by having love for yourself and those around you, by learning to seek help through prayer, to be calm and seek insight through meditation, and to understand the meaning of your life by seeing your past and future and living a life that is merciful each day. In the Realm of the Way of Life, energy and success in life is accomplished by working hard and steady, by having good sleep and breathing clean air, by being modest in eating and drinking the purity of natural food and water. In the Realm of Nature, natural abundance will come by living in and being part of the harmony with the earth its land, seas, and skies, and by being organized, clean, and not being wasteful or abusive of that which surrounds you. In the Realm of the People, energy is enhanced by sharing and helping others, being generous and giving of yourself, and supporting those around you and the communities you live in.


A chance meeting with an old classmate leads Ryan Laughlin, a dedicated young physician, to an ancient Roman spa in a medieval village of Italy where researchers are studying two remarkable events that could change the course of history—a new technology that claims to measure the essence of life itself, the human spirit, and the final Dead Sea Scroll which was recently discovered in the West Bank.

The Last Scroll reveals universal truths about the nature of life through Seven Blessing but warns of Seven Plagues of the Beast that are emerging this century causing alarm and protests around the world.

While visiting the spa to learn these secrets and enjoy the food, wine, and culture of Italy, Ryan finds himself the target of a killer who claims the project is heresy and will do anything to stop it. In a deadly race through ancient Italy, he is desperately trying to save the only woman he has loved since the death of his wife.

What insight and power lies within the fragmented pieces of the Last Scroll?

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Genre - Romantic Thriller

Rating – PG13

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