Monday, September 16, 2013

Agushaya (Priestess of Nergal) by Zarug Thane

Chapter 2

Still dizzy from her climax, Agushaya was grabbed and pulled to her feet, then immediately pushed onto her knees, the sudden shifting of gravity making her dizzier still.

She heard voices, the words taking meaning as they reached her ears.

“She ain’t got much in the way of titties,” a man in front of her said.

“Makes up for it with this ass,” a man to Agushaya’s left said.

A rough hand reached out and pinched one of Agushaya’s nipples, making her whimper with longing.  Any hope that her orgasm might have cured her of her weakness now disappeared.  The desire remained.  If anything, the longing between her legs had grown stronger, so that she felt a sense of emptiness, an emptiness that begged for the intrusion of a male breeding organ.

Her dizziness passing, Agushaya looked up at the man in front of her, his face surrounded by a lion’s mane of curly hair, his body rounded.  Had Nergal sent these men to satisfy the longing inside her?

The bearded man slapped her, helping to clear the last of her dizziness.  “I said, what’s your name?”

The men weren’t meant to be her friends, then.  Had Nergal sent them to punish her for her weakness?

Knowing she needed time to think, Agushaya managed to say her name.

“Your boyfriend stand you up?” the bearded man said.  “Or has he been and gone, and you’ve still got that itch?”

Agushaya prepared for him to strike at her again, but instead he turned his attention aside.

“Ragnar, get your ass back here.”

“Maybe I should just keep watch on the camels.”

The man they called Ragnar spoke from behind Agushaya, but she didn’t turn to look at him, her attention instead drawn to the man to her left.  Thin, with a long frilly mustache, he took Agushaya’s left hand and wrapped her fingers around his phallus, which stood exposed, pointing rigid toward the moons overhead. 

“You either get your ass over here,” the bearded man said, “or you start walking and don’t look back.”

“We’re all in this together.”  The thinner man moved Agushaya’s hand on his erection, silky skin over a hard, corrugated rod.

A third man appeared to Agushaya’s right.  Plump cheeks made his hairless face seem like that of a child.  Yet he was taller than either of the other two and neither plump nor thin, the stretched material of his shirt showing that the muscles of his arms and chest were well-developed.

“Maybe she don’t want to,” Ragnar said.

“Shut up,” the bearded man said.  “And get that cock out.”

Ragnar undid his breeches and revealed his mating organ.  As it flopped down, it carried with it a strand of clear, stringy fluid.

“You got it out,” the thin man said.  “Now get it up.”

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