Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Final Straw by Ted Tayler


Colin raced downstairs to let Karen in. She was stood on the doorstep trying to squeeze up against the door to shelter from the rain which was coming down in buckets. She was wet through. “Where were you?” she asked as she pushed past Colin into the hallway.

“I fell asleep. Sorry” said Colin sheepishly. Karen took off her coat and shook it at him. She grinned and grabbed him by the arm pulling him towards the stairs.

“Come on then. I’m soaked through to the skin, so I’ll have to get out of these wet things won’t I? We may as well get on with it while they’re drying.”

Colin followed Karen upstairs and pointed to his bedroom door. Once inside she peeled off her wet clothes and Colin took them to the spare room and draped them over the clothes horse his mother kept in there for his washing. She wouldn’t have his stuff in the same wash as hers any more, not since the ‘incident’.

He went back across the landing to the bedroom. Karen was sat up in his bed brushing her hair. She said “Hurry up, I’m getting cold. I popped into the bathroom for a towel to dry my hair, hope you don’t mind? Bit whiffy in there though! Smells like someone broke a bottle of an old man’s brand of aftershave. I thought your Dad had buggered off?” She patted the remaining thin strip of bed to suggest he joined her.

“He did” said Colin. He had never undressed in front of a woman before and he was all thumbs as he got out of his shirt and jeans. As Karen was still wearing her bra and panties he kept his boxers and socks on too as he slid under the sheets and blankets. “Blimey” said Karen “it’s you. What is that stuff? Oh well!”

As soon as he was in bed, she had the rest of her kit off in two seconds and threw it on the floor. “Get them off” she squealed “let the dog see the rabbit!” Colin obliged. They kissed. Strangely, despite the times they had spent together in The Palace or on Lowden Hill they kissed a little awkwardly at first as if they were doing it for the first time. Karen took the lead, as she always did; each movement having been choreographed in her mind’s eye since she first determined that Colin was going to be ‘the one’. Poor Colin was just her willing victim. Not that he realised it at the time of course. He was having too much fun.

Karen kept a weather eye on the clock on the bedside table and they only spent a few minutes on each of the ‘preliminaries’ as she thought of them. All the things they did to each other when that was all there was on the menu were lovely but she wanted the main course tonight. She mounted Colin and took his hard shaft in her hand and guided it inside her.

Colin didn’t need any further encouragement. This was what he’d been fantasising about ever since he was thirteen; he buried his prick into her as far as it would go. Karen moaned as she felt him moving further inside her. She had been right. It did feel bloody good! God he was big! “I’m going to have a job to walk in the morning” she thought but she didn’t care. Colin concentrated hard on not coming too soon. He wanted to stop for a while, ease off the pressure on his tool, but Karen was committed on a headlong dash for the finishing line. He grabbed her breasts which were swaying in front of his face and started to suck at her nipples. He thought doing something else might take her mind off grinding down on him, begging him to come inside her. This only caused her to increase her rhythm and Colin realised the game was up and he gave up trying. He came. Karen cried out “Yes! Oh fuck yes!” and collapsed on him, winding him so much that he just lay there, trying to catch his breath and wondering what the hell he had done?

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Genre – Crime / Thriller

Rating – 18+

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