Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Become a Better Writer by SK McClafferty

How to Become a Better Writer
by SK McClafferty 
A writer writes.  If you check Webster’s, it will tell you that a writer is  (paraphrased) “one who writes.”  Though we all dream of that book that exceeds all expectations, that makes us a superstar, the truth is: a writer writes.  A book that isn’t finished is not a book at all, but a manuscript in progress.  And if you aren’t writing on a regular basis, you aren’t a writer, you’re a dreamer.  So, finish the book already, and start the next one.
Don’t wait for inspiration to strike… go through the motions until it does.  Inspiration is great, but it can be fickle.  The prolific writer doesn’t have time to sit around waiting for inspiration to hit. That lightning bolt of clarity may provide the unique twist you were striving for, but it doesn’t make a project happen.  It’s all about doing.  Writing Angels love busy people.
Seek knowledge.  Seeking is knowing, and knowing is growth.  No one, no matter how successful, no matter of how big their Facebook-slash-Twitter following has become, knows everything.  If you breathe, you should strive to learn.  If you’ve stopped learning and growing, it’s time to retire and go do something else.
Take pride in your work.  It is possible in the age of digital books to write something and slap it up.  If you can afford a slick cover, advertising, and so on, it may garner you some reviews, and you may become a recognizable name in writing circles.  Yet, keep in mind that it’s what’s inside that counts.
Fill the well.  Now and then, close the computer and watch a movie, read outside your genre, sit and watch the sunset.  And take notes.  You may want to describe it later.
Rejection happens.  Don’t take it personally.  Rejection happens to everyone at some point. Writing may be a calling, but publication IS A BUSINESS.  If you are putting yourself out there, submitting to publishers, or self-publishing your digital books, you will get rejections, or bad reviews.  Writing is subjective.  Not everyone will love your work.  And that’s okay.  It keeps it real.
When you get to where you’re going, don’t forget where you came from.   When I got to a place where aspiring writers were asking my counsel, I always tried to be helpful, because I remembered what it was like to be asking.
Check your ego at the door.  We all have egos, yet I am often surprised by how fast a head can swell, given the opportunity.  Prima donas and the like may be tolerated in this business, but they are handled instead of liked.
 Enjoy what you are doing. Writing is creating.  Yes, it is work, but it is also fun! You are a writing god!  What could be better than that?
Gratitude.  Thank whatever god you relate to everyday for the unique and wonderful position you are in.
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