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Nicholas L. Maze – How to Write Nonfiction Like a Pro

How to Write Nonfiction Like a Pro

by Nicholas L. Maze

One of my strongest assets is writing fiction and nonfiction literature. By experiencing both sides of the primary genres of literature, I’ve been able to discover the different processes necessary to complete a book.

One of my first understandings in literature is the seed of fiction and nonfiction. With fiction, the world is an open canvas waiting for you to create and generate to your heart’s desire. So, the seed of fiction is anything you want it to be. This is how aliens can take over the world, while high school students travel back in time to help save the world. With fiction, a human being can give birth to a mutant and a robot can function has a human being. It is very interesting and for the most part, enjoyable. The fantasy world of fiction allows the reader to leave their current realm and spend a lifetime in the shoes of an imaginary character.

With nonfiction, the playing field does a three-sixty. Unlike fiction, nonfiction has a limited amount of space. In nonfiction you’re allowed to draw from what is available. The main reason for these boundaries is that nonfiction only deals with the truth. If there were no aliens invading the White house, during the 1970’s, then you won’t find this scenario in a nonfiction book. As soon as you have Justin Bieber performing at the legendary Woodstock, your story becomes fiction. Having limited resources and outlets makes writing nonfiction a little more difficult. Along with not being able to tap into any area you desire, there is also the possibility of running out of information.

One of the biggest strengths in composing nonfiction literature is experiences. Although researching and investigating are key elements, a writer’s personal experience can turn a book from good to great. Anyone can write a nonfiction book with adequate information, but only one individual can write from their experiences. This was my biggest asset in writing Deleting GOD. Although I studied history and various scriptures throughout the Bible, it was my personal experiences that strengthened my journey in writing Deleting GOD. Along with studying history, listening to lectures, and researching various facts, I also served as an Usher and Treasurer for almost ten years. Those roles in my life allowed me to become my own source of information. Not only could I talk about a situation that took place in someone’s life, I could talk about my personal experiences that added confirmation to the message being delivered. At the same time, my experiences made the journey of researching and studying much easier. I was able to walk into situations and scenarios with some knowledge of my own. While reaching into the past for more information, I could draw from my own past and find a medium within the two.

The number one way you will always succeeded in writing nonfiction is through personal experiences. Having your own personal experiences in a certain area is like being an expert in that field. You are a part of the elite crew that goes beyond what is on paper, because you are making history yourself.

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