Friday, March 1, 2013

Lara Nance – What to Look for in a Publisher

What to Look for in a Publisher

by Lara Nance

A publisher should help you prepare your novel for publication by providing editing, and developmental suggestions. They will design a cover that you should have input and approval on. They should have a marketing plan to present your novel and provide you with resources to self promote which might include help with your website or blog as well as steering you to the proper social-networking channels. Look for a publisher that is fair with their contracts and is willing to negotiate.

I won’t sign a contract that is non-negotiable, and I’m cautious about publishers asking for more than five years on the rights. If they’re not willing to listen to your concerns before the contract, they certainly won’t care after you sign the contract. Then you’re stuck.

This should be a business partnership that is mutually beneficial.

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