Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Serafima Bogomolova – Challenges You Face

What are the challenges you face as a writer in your genre?

by Serafima Bogomolova

Personally, I don’t experience any particular challenges with my genre, which is thrillers.

I think the thriller genre is one of the most fascinating genres with an exciting range of literary devices. What I like the most in this genre is that it plays with readers’ emotions and moods.

However, what I feel is that quite often the genre itself is misunderstood by some readers or can be abused by some writers. This can create challenges such as intelligent readers not taking the genre seriously or ignoring it, or the genre’s name blackened and ‘trashed’ by the unscrupulous writers, which of course can affect sales.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I learnt that success can’t happen overnight, it is a gradual process, and the more you learn and grow, the closer to success you become.

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